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Counselling is a process where the therapist works with the client to gain insight into the client’s emotional and psychological world in order to understand the roots of their difficulties. Knowing more deeply about ourselves means we are then better able to develop different patterns of behaviour which restore and support our psychological health.

Life can be challenging, and we may be faced with unexpected life events which throw us into crisis. Counselling can help make sense of our situation and provide an opportunity to discover a positive way forward. Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long.

Working with Adolescents and young people

I am extremely passionate about the power of counselling to effect positive change, especially in young people at a developmental stage when their lives can be intense as they are bombarded with external pressures while dealing with biological, psychological and social challenges.

Counselling, as an early intervention, can provide a much needed protective factor to counterbalance negative ones as young people are faced with stressful life events during this challenging period in their lives.


My career in education has given me both theoretical and practical knowledge of this developmental stage. As well as seeing clients privately, I currently work with young people in higher and further education supporting students through counselling and coaching.

"My experience of counselling has been a place where I'm listened to and understood with sympathetic ears. It always feels like I have a friend in my counsellor. Antoinette has helped me feel more improved as a person"

Age 19

"Antoinette has helped me understand why I get anxious, now I have healthy ways of coping and I can do the things I enjoy again"

Age 38  

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